A little bit of everything from a very odd person. As you can see this is a blog dedicated to anything and everything that I find interesting. I am an open-minded individual who has a broad sense of my own sexuality. I will post plenty of pictures of a sexual nature, and I am open to new experiences. I do not pretend to be anything other than myself. If any of it happens to offend you, please feel free to exit; however, if anything here pleases you, feel free to reblog or you can message me if that is your cup of tea.
Plus, if anything here is yours and you do not wish for me to have it here, just give me a quick message and I will be happy to remove it. I assume that everything that I post is in the public domain, but occasionally I get it wrong. I do not mean to step upon someone else's personal pictures or ideas.
Thank you for reading this, and enjoy. Also, here is a link to my other tumblr blog PhotosFromTheDevil It is filled with my original photography.